Time and Attendance

time attendance

Managing human resources is no easier task, especially when you run the business with thousands of employees and many regular daily visitors. In large companies, it is difficult to monitor your employee’s time attendance activities and some of the basic tasks, such as recording employee entry and exit times, how long you are in the office, and how long an employee has taken for you can create a report by end of the month and represent this report to company management and also calculate employee wages and other things related to exit policies. In this type of organization with hundreds of employees, there must be a system that automatically and accurately tracks the tasks I explained above without a single error. Here I want to give a basic introduction to these types of systems that can reduce your efforts in managing your company’s human resources.

Monitoring the time attendance of your employees and visitors is a crucial and time-consuming task. With large companies, it has become almost impossible to manually manage employee presence or visitor entry with database registration systems. For employees, we need to have a system that tracks entry and exit times, and similarly, for visitors, it must store some of the basic information that will be easily accessible in the future. In addition to accurately tracking entrances, it also provides on-site security so you can worry about on-site security.





Biometric Attendance & Management

We would like to introduce biometric human resource management software that meets all your requirements regarding the security of your facilities and the management of your employees. Biometric security devices or solutions are the same as normal security and tracking software, with the exception of the authentication process which does it better than other security or monitoring devices. Most software available in the market, such as Time Attendance and Visitor Management, uses connection cards as authentication. In the case of biometric technology, it uses real human characteristics such as the retina of the eye, fingerprints, signature, and voice for the authentication process. Therefore, anyone who wants to access the system must provide one of its functions as input according to the default system settings. In this way, it offers deep layers of security and an improved level of precision. The access process is very simple. If someone tries to access the system, they have to provide an entry, and then the software assigns that entry to their central database. If it matches the entry, the person will be granted access or the system will request the new registration process. It can also alarm unauthorized authentication of any visitor. The authentication process is based on real human characteristics, so there is no need to worry about security or damage.

Total IT offers many systems that are based on biometric technology like facial recognition, fingerprint readers, and thermal scanners. Biometric access control, PC security, Time Attendance software, and visitor management systems are an ideal example of the security system based on biometric technology. You may be concerned about the price of this system with this type of advanced level of security. The price of the system is not high. The system can be synchronized with the existing operating system and there is a small additional cost for hardware equipment such as a camera or biometric scanner to scan human inputs. In addition to tracking the employee’s presence, it also generates a general report for the specified date, further reducing your efforts to calculate the employee’s salary. In this way, biometric assistance is the best system with greater precision and better management.