Video surveillance cameras are installed today in almost all commercial companies; from military operations to convenience stores, from hospitals to schools and universities. This is an important security measure that can help detect problems immediately since the camera signal is transmitted directly to a center console, which is generally occupied by security personnel.

Let’s see why video surveillance is advantageous:

Theft of employees and consumers:

Knowing that a camera is installed in each room, it dissuades looting employees and also verifies that everyone is working during their work time. There are also a lot of consumers trying to steal one or two things, and since you can’t physically check the entire store, the camera allows you to keep an eye on it.

Theft, vandalism and violence:

The thieves think twice before attacking a store equipped with video surveillance because they know that they will be detected in a few seconds and that the establishment will have evidence against them. It also discourages vandalism and violence, and no one will do it on tape.

Employee productivity:

Haven’t you noticed that employees tend to work more when they think they are being watched? Well, it’s true, and it’s a great way to keep an eye on all of your employees and make sure security isn’t compromised in any room, not even the store.

Fake workers and accident claims:

Employee safety and health are the responsibility of the employer, and therefore workers often take unfair advantage of this service and claim false contributions. This can be avoided if the work area is carefully regulated and observed with surveillance cameras. The tapes can be used as evidence against false accusations.

Recognize potentially dangerous areas:

Video surveillance can help employers recognize potentially dangerous areas that were previously unrecognized and that has now led to accident claims. By identifying these areas on the tape, employers can take preventative measures.

Traffic patterns and avoid bottlenecks:

This is particularly advantageous for companies in the service sector or hospitals, etc. which are high traffic areas. Observing traffic on CCTV can help management recognize high traffic areas and therefore something to avoid bottlenecks. This is something to avoid as bottlenecks cause precious time wasted which can cause irritation among the crowd.

It works efficiently:

Video surveillance can help you plan and schedule work hours and determine the amount of manpower required at particular times when looking at video surveillance, as it lets you know when the biggest crowd is coming. This also helps you identify the weakest areas that need special promotions and incentives to increase sales.

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