Access Control

Access Control

There are now many expanding properties including businesses, residences, schools, and shops. The need for access control is increasingly necessary, but why is access control so important?

Why is access control so important?

First of all, you should consider a crime. Until poverty is eradicated, crime statistics will only grow. It is imperative that the properties are secure so that unwanted visitors cannot enter. A beautiful high fence, with electrical wiring or barbed wire, will help deter intruders. You can also hire a security guard to monitor the facilities and make note of who is entering and leaving the property. CCTV cameras are fast becoming a popular way for people to keep track of what’s going on around their property. These security measures are used for businesses, shops, schools, and residential areas.

Access control is important in businesses because there are generally so many pedestrians that if something were to be stolen, it would be difficult to determine who was there when they were not supposed to be. Most companies will have a way for new visitors or customers to log in and out of their facilities so they know who is on their property at all times.

Benefits of Access Control

1)- Prevent Unauthorised Access

2)- Monitor Users Entry/Exit

3)- Visitors Monitoring

4)- Premises Security

In apartment buildings, access control is important as homeowners can see if their tenants are overcrowded and also determine who might be responsible for the thefts. If an apartment building is very secure, but a unit has entered without any forced entry, the building owner may inspect all guests who have been authorized to enter during the period when the house was stolen.

Access control is a must for schools due to kidnappings or other problems from child predators. Most schools will keep a record to ensure that only parents drop their children off. No unauthorized person may be on the premises. It is an effective way to maintain good security on school premises.

Finally, most shopping malls and stores will have their own version of access control. This also includes restaurants. In general, signs will be posted indicating that the business owner has the right to deny entry to people with whom she is not comfortable in her store or restaurant. Most large shopping malls or companies will have security guards on hand to deal with any problems with rebellious people or thieves. CCTV cameras are commonly used in shopping malls and stores to prevent theft and help identify potential thieves.

In particular, access control is very important to prevent theft and to ensure that properties are secure and in good repair at all times. As mentioned earlier, there are many effective ways to maintain a good access control regime. Cameras, security guards, guest records, closed doors, and access doors are just a few of those mentioned.


Nowadays, due to the advancement of technology, the use of old security lock doors has decreased considerably as car door systems have taken their place. These car systems provide people with more comfort and safety compared to the old locking doors and are widely used in commercial areas such as shopping malls etc.

Automatic doors are also used in other industrial and commercial areas where doors are controlled electronically with the help of remote control. This is much better than a human being manually opening and closing the door. With the help of these automatic doors, getting in and out becomes very easy and you can save the required cost if you employ a human guard to control the door manually.

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